EKSPERT CELNY has been created in reaction to considerable demand on the part of business entities who encounter issues related to foreign trade in merchandise. The creator of the Company is a doctor of social sciences in the field of defense economics program on “Organization of the tax and customs system in shaping state security” at the National Defense University in Warsaw and is being assisted by a group of experts who deal with foreign trade in merchandise at a professional basis.

Foreign exchange in merchandise is the passion of everyone comprising EKSPERT CELNY. These people work in various capacities directly related to foreign trade, shipping, and tax and customs legal regulations. They lecture at universities and are authors of publications on trade in merchandise.

Our Company offers consulting services on practical application of customs law regulations. We couple knowledge on all kinds of customs clearance and trade in merchandise involving non-economic limitations, such as trade in strategic goods, waste, dangerous goods etc. We are committed to honesty, respect for legal regulations, and professional and perfect service characterized by considerable development capacities.

Using experience obtained in customs administration, shipping, logistics and foreign trade, we focus on assisting and servicing customers who encounter trouble when conducting or commencing their business activities. We realize perfectly what the cause of this trouble is. It is changing regulations and their unclear interpretations made by officials, events which we can deal with thanks to our experience and knowledge. Wide access to domestic/community regulations and current rulings of administrative courts, excellent familiarity with procedural issues in domestic and community offices, as well as the ability to use the law to our advantage, allows us to deal with your problem in a solid and professional manner. We will help you to move through the tangle of legal regulations in an efficient and compliant way.
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