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We provide customs consulting services. The services consist mainly in analyzing your problems with customs issues related to trade with foreign countries and intra-community purchases and deliveries, and then in undertaking all legitimate efforts aimed at successfully resolving the issue. In particular, we offer assistance consisting in solving problems occurring both before merchandise is declared for clearance and during clearance and proceedings conducted by customs authorities, as well as effectively exercising your rights as an entrepreneur. We prepare all applications according to the provisions in effect as regards the appraisal of duty, excise tax, VAT tax, execution procedures and appeals/complaints. We offer substantive assistance on obtaining all permits necessary to conduct foreign trade in merchandise in a proper manner. To summarize, if you have any problem with the customs office, we will do everything (within the limits of law) to help you.

This offer is available to all business entities. We deal with any problematic customs issue. After reviewing the documentation, we are able to immediately give a reply to your questions. With no waste of time, you will be informed about the status of your case and chances to resolve it successfully. If you decide to take advantage of our offer, you can be sure that all matters entrusted to us will be carried out with due care.

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